Networked Environments

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by Dharmesh Gangani on Friday, January 3, 2014


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Technical level


Each innovation that takes place in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) requires an introductory time for society to acknowledge and embrace it. One can observe that these advancements occurred at an exponential rate. There is no doubt that the lifestyle of the consumer products-oriented network society is also changing because of ICTs. Classical understanding of built environment is in-turn countered by ICT enable Networked Environment. Spatial experience of ‘real’ space vs. ‘virtual’ space is a post modern point of debate. Many scholars have argued over it from various viewpoints. It may not be the case of extreme selection but greater opportunities arise when one explores the Networked Environment that emerges out of the amalgamation of ‘virtual’ space into ‘real’ space with the possible adaptation of ICTs.


Overall discourse is on socio-spatial aspects of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Built Environments.
To begin with a few queries such as,
What if ‘Virtual’ merges into “Real’ space ?
Why one should merge ‘Virtual’ and ‘Real’ space ?
What kind of Network Environment would emerge ?
Is ICTs enabling this amalgamation ?
How do we integrate ICTs into Built Environment ?
How do we cope with the rapid advancement in ICTs ?


Projector and Audio system to run the presentation
Audience from various backgrounds for participatory discussion

Speaker bio

Being an architect and urban-designer in an era of networked practices, I believe exploring various building typologies and indigenous R&D can suggest contextual and innovative design solutions. My areas of interest are Mixed-use development, Master Planning, Mass Housing, Institutional and Transportation projects. I have worked on various housing and institutional projects involving adaptation of new typologies in the Indian context. Also, I am exploring socio-spatial aspects of Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) in various Built Environments.