Collaborative Law-Making!

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by Kanan Dhru on Saturday, January 4, 2014


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Technical level


Law-making is a collaborative process- and let’s make a couple of laws together.


India is changing – and changing fast! Transparency and accountability of governance processes are increasingly seen as the very essential values in our democracy.

Having said that, our legal system still leaves much to be desired. It has not only lagged behind the changing times, it is inefficient and inaccessible for the common Indian man. When one considers the case of the nation of Iceland, where citizens wrote their own constitution through the online wiki software, in India the knowledge and understanding around laws is very basic even amongst the educated.

What kind of laws and policies should govern us has never been a rocket science. It should not be a skill limited to only a few legal experts sitting in the ivory towers - but on the contrary should stem from the people themselves. While we sit with a large pool of techies, creative thinkers and communication experts among other young powerful voices, the process of drafting laws and regulations is still highly archaic and old fashioned. Therefore, there is urgency for the legal system to be looked at through the interdisciplinary lenses, by collaborating with professionals and experts from different walks of life – to simplify the process of creation/destruction of laws.

This two hour workshop would aim at demystifying the process of creating laws – in simpler and easy to understand ways – so as to enable people to initiate the process of drafting laws in their own organizations and society.


Common sense and a mind with ideas! As well as a projector, buttersheets and markers.

Speaker bio

Kanan Dhru’s passion for law took her all the way to the London School of Economics. On her return to India, she started Research Foundation for Governance, an organisation that seeks to simplify and codify law for the general public. She regularly works with government departments and elected representatives for drafting of their laws and policies. Her projects have also included making a cartoon-book on laws as well as working with school kids on creating a collaborative understanding on constitution and democracy. She also works as a mediator and believes in the spirit of consensus over argument!

This is an article on Kanan, when she got selected by India Today as one of the 37 "Indians of Tomorrow" in 2012: