Democratizing Culture through Storytelling (and how a startup wakes up to this each day)

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by Pariket Doshi on Saturday, January 4, 2014

Arts, Media & Entertainment

Session type
Lightning Talk

Technical level


Open up a converation around innovative use of the digital medium to enable 'ease of access' to the culture of a country - putting it in the hands of any individual with the mindset of an explorer


The essence of travel has always been the absorption of local culture through storytelling. Bringing alive the stories of a destination/ location/ country and then sharing these experiences with friends and family through personal stories. A shift to the digital medium enables us to put tools in the hands of a traveller that allows for him/her to truly experience the culture of a destination.

This lightening talk will explore this democratization of culture and delve into how technology can enable it.


Love for travel and stories
Mindset of an explorer
A Projector

Speaker bio

I'm Pariket and I'd like to think of myself as an explorer, who delivers inspiration and innovation to every explorer in the world via stories.

Straddling the 'now in trend - Engineer turned Marketeer' tag, I'm currently bringing to infancy.