Love and longing in today's time!

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by Akancha Srivastava on Saturday, January 4, 2014

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Let's face it- love is difficult & almost impossible to find in today's time. Look around you, amidst all the successful entrepreneurs, musicians, film makers, writers and are likely to find one emotion in common- longing for love. While some of us accept it, others pretend to be too busy to acknowledge it. The truth however remains that the feeling of love is the most fundamental need of all human beings.

What is it then that makes finding love so difficult in today's time? Or does it not even exist any more?!

Well, my friends say that I am "immensely qualified" to talk about this from my personal experience :p I hope that a sincere, heart to heart talk on this much neglected subject, with like- minded people, will open up new possibilities!


I have been an entrepreneur for the last 11 years! Ya, that's right! I have traveled far & wide.I meet interesting people every other day. I meet people from all walks of life. I meet people from across the globe. People who are successful, intelligent and wise. I stay in Mumbai, a fun loving city where I am a part of many interesting forums- entrepreneurial, social, music related, book lovers club etc

Despite being in the business which gives me such wonderful opportunities as described above, I still remain single (like a lot of other friends i know, both men and women)!

I hope that this interaction will throw some light on the issue of love & longing in today's time. Is it that the emotion itslef has lost its sheen? Have we stopped believing in love? Or we are just too busy for it? What is it that our generation really hopes to find in their companion? Is there a fear of commitment or fear of losing our identities?

I would love to share my experience in the regard and hope to hear what the people in the room have to say. May be it will create some magic!-:)))


Just come with an open mind and heart-:))

Speaker bio

I am the founder of Azure ( – a strategic Brand Consulting Firm and an incurable entrepreneur! Over the last 11 years, Azure has worked with large global Brands on their market entry in India as well as launched several startups and products across industries. Our primary service offerings are – Brand Management, PR and Events.

Personally, I love traveling, meeting people and wish to do a trip to North Pole this year!

PS: I am just the kind of person who should speak on this topic as I know how tough it is to find companionship/love in today's times despite everything else that may seem to be working in your favor!!


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    [-] Ramkumar RS 6 years ago

    Hi Akancha

    I attended Goa Project last year and will be attending again this year.

    I would like to offer some poetry on the subject of your session, which you can use during your talk.

    This is from a book titled "Breeze - A Love Story" getting published in March by Writers Workshop - (A 55 year old publisher in Kolkata who first introduced famous authors like Pritish Nandi, Vikram Seth and Kamala Das). The project was successfully crowd funded through

    You can download a free soft copy of the book from here :

    I will also love to hear your views and comments after reading it.

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    [-] Akancha Srivastava 6 years ago

    Indeed!! Well, the topic is such that everyone has a story to tell..-:)) Shall go through the reference mentioned.

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