The world view through which you experience your world - Self discovery using expressive art

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by Jaya Narayan on Saturday, January 4, 2014


Session type

Technical level


Program Take aways

  1. Get in touch with a significant aspects of personal world view
  2. Reflect on how my world view is limiting my life & relationship choices
  3. Explore what it would take for me to lead a more integrated life that expands my potential

The emphasis would be on making the unconscious and invisible -> conscious and visible


The reason each one of us is different and unique is because of the "meanings" we hold about ourselves and the world around us. This is often the lens through we see and engage with the world (referred to as our world view). A large part of it gets codified in the first 18 -20 years of our life. This becomes a part of our unconscious and needs a safe space to be uncovered, reflected, reviewed for it to be re-scripted.

Our world view is reflected in
1. The choices in life, career and work
2. Our relationships
3. The behaviors we demonstrate in life & work
4. The perceptions others hold about us
5. Emotional Intelligence
6. The language that our body communicates

Expressive art uses theater (inner & outer), art, storytelling, music, movement, writing and poetry to support personal growth and healing. This combined with process work leverages the power of groups and makes a powerful combination

My approach to self discovery process is free flowing and unstructed. The emphasis is on using a relevant trigger from expressive art to make visible a part of our world view. The idea then is to express it fully and explore the personal meanings and associations that can be changed to help untap ones potential.


Group size not exceeding 12-15 people, who are really interested in knowing themselves. A session typically involves movement, art, story or free flow writing based activities.

Speaker bio

Jaya is an alumnus of the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Science (1996). Her corporate experience has spanned across IT, Manufacturing, FMCG, Startups, NGO and Educational sectors. In the past 5 years as a Freelancer, Jaya has specialized in Behavioural Coaching and personal growth labs. She has logged more than 300 hours of individual coaching and has conducted several personal growth programs in the past 10 years. She is an institutional member and is on the Governing Council of Aastha Foundation. She has been a keen practioner of process skills since 2008. She is trained in using methodologies like Process Work (T groups), Appreciative enquiry, Experiential learning, & Psychodrama. I integrate Expressive Art (Symbols & Metaphors, Art, Theatre, Music, Dance and Movement) with process work based methodologies for coaching and facilitation.
She has completed a post graduate diploma in expressive art based therapy from WCC, Chennai.


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    [-] Ankush Samant 6 years ago

    Great one! Looking forward to meeting you at the event and being a part of this expresional workshop! :)

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