How Performing Arts changed my life... and I'm not an artist.

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by Priyanka Patel on Sunday, January 5, 2014

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Our experiences make us who we are… right? But don’t we choose our experiences in the present to construct the person we will be in the future?


I have no sob stories, no heart breaks, no broken limbs and no suicide attempts.
What I have, is a simple but powerful story to share… one that traces the journey each of us take; at our own pace, in our own way.

We all have experienced films, plays, music performances or dance concerts such that they leave us exhilarated, exasperated, tearful or just relieved. Somewhere along the way, a crucial character plays the role of the catalyst for that change.

In this case, the catalyst is Arts. What is it about these arts that makes us go back to it again and again as a performer or as an audience?

… and what if you had the potential to change lives through Arts?

The transition from letting life happen, to making things happen for oneself is a journey few embark upon. All it requires is a slight shift in perspective.


An open mind, a welcoming heart and a free spirit...

Speaker bio

Priyanka is a Psychologist and a trained classical dancer, who has worked extensively with theatre techniques, music, movement and visual arts in therapeutic settings.

As a Founder-Partner of The Looking Glass, she has toured the US with her works and conducted range of arts-based workshops for children and adults in both, India and abroad, creating ambiences that perpetuate the natural development of an individual.

Her love for arts and its potential took new life as she headed the Arts Academy for Salaam Bombay Foundation, NGO helping build life skills amongst slum kids.

Priyanka was the resident counsellor at Shishuvan School in Mumbai, during which she was responsible for conducting Personality development classes for students across middle school and high school, among many other things.

She has conducted year-long sessions in enhancing communication skills for Walsingham School. As a counsellor, she has worked with the pediatric ward for cancer patients at Tata Hospital and at the rehabilitation facility at the Massina Hospital.