Problem Room - The problems, the "I wills" and the "I won'ts"

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by Ankush Samant on Sunday, January 5, 2014


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As a society or as an individual, we are aware that we are all surrounded with multiple problems, some petty and some large. Most of us also believe we know how to address a few. But do we really understand what the core problem is? And if we know the problem, what are we doing to tackle that problem?

Have we ever told ourselves, "I will root out this problem!!" and "I won't ever let this problem mushroom up again!"?

The problems, the "I wills" and the "I won'ts" - let's take these steps together to realize a wonderful world that we always dreamt of!


Day1: Participants write problems related to the SOCIETY on the cards and pin them on a wall. By the end of the day, the collage of problems identified by the participants will be clustered accordingly for the next day.

Day2: Participants can pick up sticky notes saying “I will..” and “I won't..” and complete them by saying how they will make a positive difference and put them up under the problems identified.
Eg: If the problem identified is “increasing pollution” participants can complete it by adding either “ I Will car pool” or “I won't litter.”

This will be followed with a brief discussion on the most critical problem/s identified. We will also present our team's initiative around an Equalizer platform that is an attempt to enable us to execute our "I will" ideas.


Bring along your ideas and will to change the world!

Speaker bio

I am Ankush. I am walking, sometimes running and at other times standing on crossroads in life. I am not on a journey called life but inside a maze called evolution. And I want to evolve in this single life time. I want to break all shackles, I don't know of any limits. I just want to speed my way to my destination. I am simply ignorant.

I was a tiny spark buried under the ashes. But today, I am a raging fire. My soul told me that I am neither more than a pygmy, nor less than a giant!

I love football, traveling, writing, reading, contemplating, photography and meeting new people. I am an engineer and management professional by education and currently working as an Observant Explorer at ICE (


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