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by Ankush Samant on Sunday, January 5, 2014

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Though I loved poetry, I have never been to a Kavi Sammelan! Though I write a lot of poems, I have never read them out to anyone! Though I love to meet people who write poems, I have never met a room full of them!!

The objective of this meet is simple - To get the best and the worst of the poets together for an unforgettable jamming of poems :)


People who love to write poems, poem who love to read out poems, people who love to hear poetry, people who love to do something new - every one of us gets together and jams over poetry that we write, read, hear, imagine, dream....for as long as the organizers let us be!

Artists, painters, singers, musicians, noise makers - everyone is invited to pitch in too!


The poet in you!

Speaker bio

I am Ankush. I am walking, sometimes running and at other times standing on crossroads in life. I am not on a journey called life but inside a maze called evolution. And I want to evolve in this single life time. I want to break all shackles, I don't know of any limits. I just want to speed my way to my destination. I am simply ignorant.

I was a tiny spark buried under the ashes. But today, I am a raging fire. My soul told me that I am neither more than a pygmy, nor less than a giant!

I love football, traveling, writing, reading, contemplating, photography and meeting new people. I am an engineer and management professional by education and currently working as an Observant Explorer at ICE (http://ice.humanfactors.com/)


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    [-] Ramkumar RS 6 years ago

    Hi I can contribute. My poetry book (Breeze - A Love story : Crowd funded through wishberry.in) is being published by Writers Workshop Kolkata (A 56 year old publisher who introduced famous names like Pritish NAndy, Vikram Seth and Kamla Das). I can read some poems about love from this.

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      [-] Ankush Samant 6 years ago

      Hello Ramkumar. I am so glad to know about you and your poems. I would love to meet you, hear you out and get connected with you. Cheers, Ankush.

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    [-] Ramkumar RS 6 years ago

    Sure Ankush. You can connect with me on Facebook at


    My Website is www.rsrinnovations.com

    Ramkumar R S

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