Don't Let Your Food Eat You Up !

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by Ansoo Gupta on Sunday, January 5, 2014


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This session proposes to unravel the daily substance-abuse that no one talks about.

The food industry today is working at counter-purposes. Food is consumed to keep the human body going and to provide it with necessary nutrition. Instead, our foods are now loaded with #@&% which is poisoning our body and enslaving our minds bit-by-bit through addictive substances.

This topic needs to be brought to the centre of the table. Every table.


This session is a sequel to the session i did at TGP 2013. Last year, i brought forth some of the lesser known facts about corporatisation of food - the most basic requirement of life, and how the quest for profits has driven corporates to feed us chemical-laden, addictive, non-food substances. A lot of facts about our everyday foods came as a surprise to the audience.

This has become my pursuit - to have as many people know about the hidden details of the food they eat on a daily basis thinking that it is providing energy and nutrition to their bodies, where in effect, they are only succumbing to addictive substances that ails them slowly but surely.

This session consists of new material on how to steer clear of harmful chemicals disguised as food and steps we can take on our own, in our own homes to not become a victim of the corporate food chain.


Your appetite !

Speaker bio

Ansoo Gupta is known for her travel workshops across India, where she reveals the tips and tricks of traveling cheaper, longer and more frequently to international destinations. In her professional life, she runs India's largest independent digital marketing agency.

But before all this, she is a regular consumer who is very concerned with what she and her family is being made to eat by the giant corporates for whom food is just a business - nutrition and any thing else be damned ! And hence she has done deep research in this area with not so savoury findings.