Building trust in healthcare

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by Ravi Shankar Mishra on Monday, January 6, 2014


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Technical level


Have you ever struggled to get a trusted opinion on the doctor or the hospital you intend to consult for a loved one's treatment? Or missed a platform to share & learn from others on your or your family's illness? This session is exactly focused on discussing & answering some of these questions.

The objective of the session is three-fold:

  1. To arrive at a set of parameters which influence an individual's trust in his/her healthcare service provider, be it the doctor or the hospital.
  2. Basis these parameters, the session would further try to come out with relevant examples/experience of the group on the trust builders and/or trust busters for both India & abroad.
  3. Finally, the session would discuss the ways to build a platform to enable trust in Indian healthcare service providers. The speaker would share examples from his past & present entrepreneurial ventures in healthcare.


This session would be an interactive session with the audience wherein the speaker would share some data on Indian healthcare system and throw the floor open for discussion through some open ended questions. Collectively, the session would try to analyse the trustworthiness of India''s healthcare service providers and learn from some examples in India & abroad. Finally, as a group, we could arrive at critical factors for building a platform which helps in enhancing an individual's trust in Indian healthcare system.

Speaker bio

The speaker has worked both as an entrepreneur and intra-preneur within global giants like Amazon & Tata Group, with a focus on using technology to offer value to customers and society.

He also has keen interest in healthcare sector and has built business plans & successfully raised funds for the same.

He is another typical engineer and MBA by education.