Get off your chair and lets travel the world...!!!

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by Chetan Yallapurkar on Monday, January 6, 2014

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My objective is to communicate to all those who have been wanting to travel but have challenges in may be planning or cost or support or time. Want to tell that to travel you don't really need money at first, but all you need is that decision to tell youself that " YOU DESERVE A HOLIDAY". So, get off your chair and lets travel the world...!!! So, you will surely know ways in which you can travel and yet not burn yours leaves, deep cut your pockets. Want to know how..then come visit The Goa Project & hear me out...


We all love to travel but how often does it happen that you really get to travel. Twice a year, thrice a year or wondering did you really travel that far to count it in the list. Last year has passed by but your wish to travel is still alive. Why do we wake up every morning, making our way through the traffic & going to office like a robot. Yes, indeed it does pay your bills but do you know that if you start enjoying travel it shall so happen that you bills are nill & experiences are worth much more than climbing the hill. I know its little poetic but that how romantic or creative or adventurous travel can be.

Want to know more about how you can..want more ideas on travelling... I am waiting to talk to you on it in detail...


No laptop
No badges
No lunch box

but just come with list of places you want to visit this year..!!!

Speaker bio

I am a avid traveller and passionate entrepreneur. Worked with travel companies like & to further start my own venture called HoneymoonHavens. Completed my BE Mechanical from M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology & EPSMM from IIM L. Love trying out all adventure and face the fear by doing bungee jumping, scuba diving , sky diving, road trip & solo trips. Have travelled most parts of India & few international countries. Will be travelling the world in years to come & dream to make million travel the world along with me.

You can find me on