A Break through in sustainable organic farming

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by Rama Venkatesh on Tuesday, January 7, 2014


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Technical level


To learn about Permaculture which is a sustainable organic farming, and a wholistic approach in farming. Learning about how permaculture contributes to Ecology., how to farm in inexpensive ways without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and without digging and growing healthy organic food. Learning about the benefits of creating micro climates that make a difference to the present threat of global warming. It Gives an opportunity to the participants to pursue these techniques or contribute in spreading this idea to farmers and urbanites that will make them aware of the benefits of permaculture.


Beginning with an introduction of permaculture and the need for embracing permaculture in the present scenario of peak oil and dependence on fossil fuel followed by a slide show( duration 7.55 min) of showing how actually a degraded land was transformed in just three months.
Two more slide shows ( apx 3 minutes each) to actually show the creation of a mud house building and creating raised garden beds to grow organic vegetables..
Finally inviting the participants join this movement.


Open mind and enthusiasm.

Speaker bio

Gave up a lucrative law practice in search of finding something meaningful to pursue. In that quest wrote my first book "God Whispers in Silence" and then in the same quest travelled to Australia and fortuitously discovered and learnt about permaculture that led me to do an introductory course as well as a certification course in permaculture at the Panya permaculture research institute in Thailand. Chose to spread permaculture as I was convinced it's relevance for the present and future. Helped an orphanage ' Sila home Ministry' Fang, Thailand, to adopt permaculture and today the children have a thai speaking teacher to teach permaculture to the children there and to opt permaculture as a profession to pursue. Visited 'The new Oasis for Life' a community spread in three districts of Yunnan province in China. Helped them to bring permaculture to their community with two professionals Brecht & Nick from Panya research institute. Finally came to India in June and got the opportunity to start a permaculture demonstration and teaching centre at the Art of Living site in rural Bangalore. I have since been part of every step of creating this site and transformation happening.