The Goa Project 2013 Success Story - Menstrupedia + MyPromoVideos

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by Gopal Krishnan on Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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How MyPromoVideos collaborated with whom we met at "The Goa Project 2013" and created a free video about Menstruation called "The Beauty of Red" that became one of the best videos of 2013 and also helped immensely in the Sales and Marketing of MyPromoVideos.


As an entrepreneur, we always look to increase our revenue. We often miss to give back to the society because we don't see any immediate returns. See "The Beauty of Red" video below and see the impact it has made on the society. - 368 shares and close to 20,000 views - 11,500 views

But after we created this video, we can now use it in the cold emails we send to potential clients and use it as a story in our sales conversations. We were also able to differentiate from our competition because of this video.

Thought of sharing this to "Goa Project 2014" crowd as it's very relevant to them and what they can expect if they use the connections they get out of the event.

This is a project close to heart for both the folks at MyPromoVideos as well as Menstrupedia. The project took 2 months to complete. But everyone from our team put their heart and soul into this.

Behind the Scenes:-

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Co-founder and Director - Sales and Marketing of MyPromoVideos
I believe in serendipity and am currently building MyPromoVideos. You can see my serendipitous journey in the interview below

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