Anti-chicken soup warriors : changing course to live your dreams

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by Shibani K on Tuesday, January 7, 2014


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Powering down from a demanding career is sweaty-palm, cold-feet territory. I know, because that is exactly how I felt when I changed course to follow a dream. Twice.
I'd love to workshop my experiences, warts and all, to help others figure out how to step off that treadmill and give their dreams a real shot.


To dream, is to dare. Yet, early on, we learn that dreams are for when we sleep; whilst reality is what we grit our teeth and plod along with.
What the workshop aims to achieve is this:
1. Trust - in one's self
2. Using instinct as a vital tool.
3. Dredging for a real dream and separating it from the chaff of 'passing fancy.'
4. Arming for the change - a guidemap of precipices and safe havens.
5. The Dream-chaser Project - building a network to support each other through a change of course.


Willing and curious spirits. Tea and coffee. Board. Marker. Scribble pads. Pencils.

Speaker bio

My dream has remained constant from the moment I was asked this question as a 4 year old: What do you want to be when you grow up? My answer: A thousand different things.

So, I've been amongst other things - a freight consultant, a college professor, a newspaper editor, a television writer, a film producer, a TV channel founder, a content strategy consultant, a social activist, an farmer and life-coach to my extended circle of friends, family and colleagues.

Have have reached where I want to be? Yes, and no. Yes, because my ambition continues to be the need to chase those thousand dreams. No, because the journey is what makes me happy and content. There is no end-goal. No ultimate destination. The journey is the thrill.