B-Boying : The original dance of Hip-Hop

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by Nishit Pathak on Tuesday, January 7, 2014


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Technical level


Learn about B-Boying/ Breakdancing and celebrate 40 years of Hip-Hop through one of the fastest growing dance forms in the country. Explore something that is totally new for you and your body. Learn how to do some funky footwork and get tips and techniques on how do that handstand/headstand you think you could never do while you rock to some authentic breakbeats. Have fun, enjoy and while doing so push your body to a new level.


This workshop will take you through a brief history of the evolution of Hip-Hop and the original dance of Hip-Hop, B-Boying. Learn the fundamentals of it and the basic four elements of B-Boying namely top rock, footwork, freezes and powermoves. During the workshop we will also explore breakbeats (music to which one breaks to..simple). Keeping in mind that B-Boying or breakdancing's basic purpose is to express oneself and transalate music and beats, a cypher session will be conducted at the end. In the end just to realise that baggy clothes, gold chains and a tilted cap don't make you Hip-Hop but mutual learning, love, respect, creativity and willingness to explore ones stregnth. Hip-Hop is a state of mind. Too intense? Not really. It's just a fun filled seesion and also a source of new knowledge.


1) willingness to learn something really new
2) comfortable clothes
3) agreement to forget all you know about Bbouing and start afresh.

Speaker bio

Nishit Pathak, goes by the name of B-Boy Remedy in the breakdancing circle, is one of the oldest bboys in the country with over 6 years of experience. A member of India's 1st all bboying crew "Freak n Stylz Crew" (currently ranked #1 in India) was one of the 1st people to ever represent India in an international battle in Taiwan (events: freestyles session Taiwan, Bravo Bancio Hip-Hop battle, City Wars). He was head intsructor at FnS bboy and bgirl academy. Featured in a few music videos and ads. He has taken number of workshops with his crew in an attempt to spread the true culture and knowledge of bboying and breakdancing. Nishit Pathak also served as the Youth Brand Ambassador for Adidas Originals. A respectable orator has been the master of ceremonies almost all bboying events on national and international levels in his city UK bboy campionships India qualtifiers, R16 India, Battle of the Year India qualifiers to name a few. Nishit Pathak with is own blend of humour and knowledge makes sure that the workshops are knowledgable and fun at the same time.