Ganja - Legalities & Moralities

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by Vishvak Saen on Tuesday, January 7, 2014


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Is it time to legalize it? Who is right? We know what the smokers say about it. We know what the haters say about it. But what do the quitters say? The ones who have worshipped it for years and yet quit it?


Brigade 1 - Its less harmful than alocohl & cigarettes. It's been consumed anyway. It's part of our history. It was banned because of US pressure, but its been legalized in US anyway.

Brigade 2- It controls your mind. you loose your self. Its a drug and you are an addict. People have wasted their life. What do you see in it?

Brigade 3 -Dude they should legalize weed, but ganja should stay banned.

Which brigade you belong to?


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I was an "addict" once. Now i have quit. Here is what i used to write when i was stoned- and this is what i wrote after quitting -