Theatre Workshop 101

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by amba-suhasini katoch jhala on Tuesday, January 7, 2014


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Technical level


Build your CONFIDENCE, improve COMMUNICATION skills, expand your CREATIVITY and develop your LEADERSHIP skills - all while having a tonne of fun, in a safe and supportive environment!

Why Do This Workshop?
The games and exercises we will cover will improve your public speaking abilities and communication skills. You will learn to express yourself creatively, to think on your feet and be part of a team. The objective is to build confidence as a performer and individual. You will develop better focus, improve memory and expand your social and networking skills.

Below are some of the basic aims and objectives of Theatre 101:

• release inhibitions and relax their mind and body • communicate ideas effectively and enhance one's awareness of the importance of nonverbal communication • build a sense of team (ensemble) and trust between team mates • develop listening and observation skills • move out of their comfort zone, open up to new ideas and take up fresh challenges in a safe, supportive environment • be creative, construct an ensemble in groups and take the initiative easily and naturally


I have never been to a theatre workshop before and I have no experience – can I still join?

Absolutely. Yes please! Our 'Theatre 101' workshop is all about just that – giving you the opportunity to try something new, to experience theatre by watching, by participating, by finding out a little more. Our aim is to open our doors to everyone – no matter what they have seen or done before.

It is designed for ANYONE to take part in – the focus however is on a beginner level – an introduction to acting and theatre making.

Theatre 101 brings you the unique opportunity to dive into a day long theatre workshop specially designed to introduce you to all the basic but essential elements of theatre:

Vocal and Physical Theatre Games
Acting Improvisation
Scene Building
Partner Acrobatics
Story Telling
Ensemble Training

A taster of a bit of everything that goes into performing on stage. If you have always wanted to be in the spotlight but have just never got around to it - here is your chance! At the end of a workshop you will not receive a professional qualification. You will have hopefully had a lot of fun, learnt some new skills, and met new friends.


The only real requirements are that because this is a Theatre workshop, being comfortable is of prime importance. Please wear loose, relaxed cotton clothing. Track pants and t shirts are best. No watches, jewellery, belts, jeans, short tshirts please!

Speaker bio

Designed to challenge and inspire in a supportive environment, these workshops are taught by Amba- Suhasini Jhala. Amba is a graduate of 'The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art' where she studied Classical Acting and it's techniques for two years. She has lived and worked as a theatre professional in London for four years and returned to India in 2012.

Her company, Toss A Coin Theatre Productions aims at producing quality theatre in the capital. Their first production was a greek classic, 'Agamemnon' which they performed for a week at the Akshara Theatre in October 2012. Please find below the link to the trailer for the play:

In addition to developing their own plays the company conduct an array of tailor-made workshops for organizations, companies, teams and departments. Their aim is to use inspiring ideas from theatre to create rapid change in companies and people.