Indian Classical Electronica

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by Krishna Marathe on Wednesday, January 8, 2014


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Technical level


I play and perform Indian Classical Ragas with Flute, Vocals and an electronic wind instrument with Electronica.
Come and see an indie musician be a one-woman Hindustani band on stage.


The set will be around 35-40 minutes comprising of 5-6 songs which are actually 5-6 Ragas. I normally start each composition by giving out a small description of the Hindustani Raga and it's equivalent western music scale and then dive straight into the music.
My music is electronic based which means I am a laptop musician and a multi-instrumentalist. I juggle between singing, live mixing and playing the flute.


I'd like my audience to bring with them their ears, perhaps a beer with them and whistling skills.

Speaker bio

From playing guitar with Smt. Lata Mangeshkar to rock bands, Krishna’s musical journey has been varied and exciting. She has been featured by VH1 as a part of their presentation on acoustic guitar players in India. CNBC-AWAZ also got Krishna to feature on their independence day special as well as more recently she was on Tech Guru for a Steve Jobs Tribute.

She's also had the opportunity to work with the very talented Ram Sampath, who composed for Aamir Khan Productions’ ‘Saytamev Jayate’. Apart from playing the guitar and singing, Krishna also played the flute, and was featured in several of the episodes aired. She was very grateful to be a part of this socially relevant programme and she was tremendously appreciated for her work on it.

At present, Krishna is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, producer who performs Indian Classical Electronica at live gigs and festivals