Tapping designer thought process

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by Sarup Banskota on Wednesday, January 8, 2014


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BoF Meet

Technical level


Participate in a discussion on how designer's thought process can be tracked to create breakthroughs in design education and identifying design talent.


Demo of GlitterGallery; and a pitch about my thoughts on how designers can share their thinking process, how those looking to learn design could learn better.

Bring out ideas & suggestions to do this the best possible way. I've written more here:


An interest in design, and a love for designers.

And just to get the context, you may want to read these two blogposts - I would add them to the links section, but it's fetching the entire content and looks ugly.
GSoC Wrapup: Introducing GlitterGallery

How it started

Speaker bio

19, co-author of GlitterGallery, writing this proposal in class.

At college, I help run the tech{know}logy club where juniors catch up with web awesomeness and spread design love! Former intern at Cleartrip with the Product Design team, currently with Fedora design.