Aadhaar Diffusion Project Ideathon

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by Ravi Gururaj on Wednesday, January 8, 2014


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Technical level


Ideate, explore, brainstorm, debate the vast greenfield of opportunities to develop innovative use cases for the nation's largest "open" technology platform - India's Aadhaar Identity platform.


Aadhar is an ambitious project to provide unique ID to every resident in India. Over 600 millions Indian residents are already enrolled and over a million new enrollments are completed on a daily basis! It's the largest national biometric identity platform on the planet and it's an open platform - built to be accessed by all comers for the benefit of all residents and society overall!

This session seeks to bring participants together to discuss ideas and opportunities related to leveraging the Aadhaar platform - to debate what's possible and what's not. Come help us ideate how society at large can leverage this innovative open national identity platform. Let's dream and brainstorm out of the box use cases which leverage Aadhaar to deliver delightful, more efficient, lower cost experiences and outcomes across our landscape - let's discover use cases which benefit us as individuals, as entrepreners, as enterprises (all varieties - profit & non-profit), governemnt agencies and all forms of citizen communities. Let's join hands to brainstorm how our society might extract maximum value from the largest IT technology platform investments our nation has ever made. The ultimate goal is help all sections of our society reap the full benefits of this technological wornder - the Aadhaar platform.

Unfamilar with Aadahhar? Here is a brief music video which overs the primary features and benefits from an end user perspective: http://tinyurl.com/nwskowl
... and here is short news clip from Fareed Zakaria's India Special report (http://tinyurl.com/owhf9kv) which evidences why Aadhaar might one day be annointed among the "Top 10 Technology Wonders of the World".


None - all combination of open mindeded, free sprited, innovative and curious folks are welcome. Ideally participants across a broad cross section of backgrounds - designers, artists, leapfroggers, geeks & technologists, radical thinkers, social activists, disruptive innovators, deep thinkers, influencers - would deliver greatest impact to the brainstorming.

Jump in, contribute and enjoy the session!

P.S. You need not bring your Aadhaar #s with you! :-)

Speaker bio

Serial Entrepreneur / Angel / Mentor / Tech Exec / Ecosystem Evangelist / Chair - Product Council & Member - Executive Council @NASSCOM / Charter Member @TiE BLR / Co-Founder @ Wharton & Penn Club BLR / Co-Founder @ Harvard Businss School Alumni Angels / 10000 Startups Warehouse Board / Chief Evanglist @ Aadhaar Diffusion Project (collaboration of NASSCOM & UIDAI).
http://in.linkedin.com/in/rgururaj https://www.facebook.com/ravigururaj


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    [-] Abhishek Chatterjee 6 years ago

    Great initiative

  • 1

    [-] Soumyajit Dey 6 years ago

    Definitely a great initiative. Such awareness and brainstorming will go a long way in creating awareness and remove bottlenecks.

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    [-] abdul vajid kt 6 years ago

    Need of the hour !

  • 1

    [-] Sanjay Swamy 6 years ago

    Ravi - I'm happy to support this one. Let me know.

    • 1

      [-] Ravi Gururaj 6 years ago

      Sanjay - great ... I have reached out to Kanchan Kumar, Lizzie Chapman as well. Would be great to have your expertise too! Will call next week to chat and plan.

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    [-] Naganand Doraswamy 6 years ago

    Ravi, Definitely worth exploring.

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    [-] Shanti Mohan 6 years ago

    Certainly a good idea to explore. With all the investment made into Aadhaar, this is very much needed.

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    [-] Varun Backliwal 6 years ago

    A session like this can only help structure the buzz around Aadhar and put forward some un-thought of real life scenarios - both in terms of ideas as well as execution. Wishing you all the best.

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