ChandBibi and the Waste Candidates

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by Mana Dhanraj on Wednesday, January 8, 2014


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To bring all our influences together to create and collaborate with musicians from across the country.


ChandBibi and the Waste Candidates are looking to use this space to collaborate with musicians from different genres. We are constantly finding ways to evolve our sound thereby keeping it new and interesting.

Speaker bio

ChandBibi and the Waste Candidates are an experimental band based in Chennai, India. Band members originate from various parts of India and are: Mana Dhanraj (Vocals) Sidhant Jain (Guitar) Jatin Shetty (Bass) Navneet Rao (Drums). Their music consists of rich vocal layers over eloquent harmonic ideas and groovy rhythms and a smooth blend of Jazz, Funk, Latin-American, Ambient, Rock, and Indian styles.