The Strange Case of Dr.De and Mr.Sign

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by Shyam Narayan on Thursday, January 9, 2014


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Technical level


A short diagnosis of the opposing personalities in any good designer. And suggested treatment to get better ;)


Patient name: Designer

Suffering from: Distress from consequences of successive alternation of behaviours and moods by predominance of multiple personality states and contradictory forces/ skills that make a good designer. Yes, it's super scientific :)

Well, design is a tough job. The nature of the profession is that it is filled with opposing demands on the part of the designer and that in itself can be quite stressful. Most of the time, this is not even recognised.

For example, the design process is logic-driven at times and free-wheeling and intuitive at other times. Designs must walk the tightrope of the familiar and the new. There may be long periods of time when you must be actively willing to live with not knowing the answers, and times when you must be judgemental and snap to it. Working this way requires a very mature state of functioning.

Understanding the dualities in this profession is very important to deal with the various situations/ emotions/ conflicts that tend to arise. I would like to discuss this together.


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Speaker bio

Founder partner of the User Experience firm, Dig Design Studio.
Trained in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design.
Passionate about design for the Indian context and social impact, design mentoring & education and User Interfaces for tomorrow.
I make music with my bandmates across the world over Skype for the band Pseutopia.