Bhang & Cannabis! Growing Industrial Hemp SuperCrop to reform Indian agriculture & uplift 700 million farmers

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by Sanvar Oberoi on Thursday, January 9, 2014


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The audience will learn & understand how a mere crop (Cannabis sativa L, aka 'Industrial Hemp: The Trillion Dollar SuperCrop') is being used to transform not only the agriculture industry but also change the game for textile, construction, paper, food, energy, nano-technologies, automobile and many other industries too while still having environmental & ecologial sustainability and farmer upliftment, rural development and poverty alleviation at the core of its operations: it's application, relevance and benefits to India, South East Asia, Africa and Latin America.



Industrial hemp is a variety of Cannabis sativa and is of the same plant species as marijuana. However, hemp is genetically different and distinguished by its use and chemical makeup. Hemp has long been cultivated for non-drug use in the production of industrial and other goods. Hemp is a variation of cannabis sativa. It is the most useful plant known to mankind. In fact, cannabis sativa means useful (sativa) hemp (cannabis). Hemp is not marijuana. Some estimate that the global market for hemp consists of more than 25,000 products. It can be grown as a fiber, seed, or other dual-purpose crop.

Cannabis sativa (Industrial Hemp) vs. Cannabis indica (Bhang)
The difference between the two species of the Cannabis family is tetrahydrocannabinol-THC. THC is the psychotropic intoxicating substance present in large amounts in Cannabis indica specie. BOHECO uses Cannabis sativa which naturally has insignificant amounts of THC and cannot be misused. The standard followed by all industrial hemp countries is 0.3% or lower THC content.

There's a massive global industry with BMW, Mercedes, Body Shop, Adidas, Puma, Donna Karen, etc using hemp products, in fact it's being used in cancer research with CBD and was used in Chernobyl & Fukushima nuclear disasters to restore soil conditions.

Bombay Hemp Co. is now working to change the legal framework in several countries and working with several farmers to unleash the potential of this crop as a tool for development, conflict & civil war resolution, poverty alleviation and sustainable environmental usage.

Industrial hemp has been poised as one of the ten best solutions to mankind. During the talk will showcase construction bricks made from the hemp plant which are the world's greenest building material, hemp foods which are the world's best source of nutrients of Omega3, 6 & 9 and hemp fabrics whcich are more apt for Indian farmers to produce than cotton (given our fragmented land holding).


An open mind & ability to dream of a better future.

Speaker bio

Sanvar Oberoi,
Co-Founder & Director of Finance & Technology at Bombay Hemp Co. (BOHECO)
Sanvar heads finance, technology and corporate sustainability at Bombay Hemp Co. (BOHECO), and is responsible to ensure sustained financial survival and direction of the company, technological support for all stakeholders of BOHECO and planning the long term strategy, plan and directives for the company. In 2013, he was selected from a global pool to be awarded The INK Fellowship powered by Google and TED and is also pursuing his Ph.D. in Business Economics on the topic 'Economic Significance of Industrial Hemp to Indian Agronomics'. He holds a Master's Degree in Commerce majoring in Management Studies and a Bacherlor's degree in Business Management (Rank #1, University of Mumbai in 'International Finance') majoring in Special Studies in Finance and Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management. He enjoys travelling to offbeat locations, giving walking tours of Bombay, poetry writing and creating multi-disciplinary community collaboration platforms. In the past, Sanvar has worked with the world’s largest professional services firm to overhaul the treasury functions at, analyze and audit the risk management structures of, conduct probability algorithm based fraud analytics for and redesign corporate structures of Fortune 500 companies for which he was awarded the Partner’s Award in 2012. Previously he led the market research and strategy functions at India’s leading digital and new media company and presently is a co-founder and managing trustee of The Thincquisitive Foundation, created to develop independent thought and action among global youth. He has represented India at the Global Young Leader's Conference 2007 in Washington DC and New York and The South Asia Media Summit 2013, Islamabad.


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    [-] Abhilash Chopade 5 years ago

    Industrial Hemp is a variety of Cannabis Sativa. Not all Cannabis Sativas are Industrial Hemp. (All Cannabis Sativas do not have THC below 0.3%)

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