Democratization of Airwaves by Anil Srivatsa

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by Radiowalla Network (proposing) on Friday, January 10, 2014


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Traditional radio has its limitations- particularly that, there isn’t enough space for everyone to be represented on it., a digital radio platform, was launched in 2012 by Anil Srivatsa with the ethos of ‘Radio for One and All’. Since then, this platform has become a voice to various marginalized communities and group.


The idea for a digital radio platform came from the need to cater to special interest and niche groups, which were and still are to be represented in mainstream media. This one single platform would not only serve a diverse demographic, in terms of tastes in music, specific communities, spiritual and religious beliefs but also serves to connect the nation on a variety of important issues. Most importantly, to invite discussion and participation on a large scale, simplifying it to the extent that anyone with an internet enabled device – something that is this day and age is every person’s must-have – could participate.
This talk is all about how the medium of radio can be more than a music station.
How it can be a vehicle of social & cultural change- which is what is all about.

Speaker bio

Anil Srivatsa recently moved on to pursue his passion for the radio airwaves as a radio professional… as a radiowalla. As CEO and Co-Founder of the new venture Radiowalla Network Pvt. Ltd, he is striving to take radio to a new level using the very democratic Digital distribution

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