Make your own Radio Station by Anil Srivatsa

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by Radiowalla Network (proposing) on Friday, January 10, 2014

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A quick overview and a fast track course on creating content and making a programme for audio listening using Radiowalla’s tools.


‘Address Your Nation’ is an app powered by, that enables anyone and everyone to voice their opinion on any subject matter- the horrid roads, the state of politics, the fruits in season, the latest recipe… Simply anything anyone wishes to talk about. With the help of this app, the following will be demonstrated:
a. How to create content for a particular audience.
b. How to utilize the app to listen to fellow content creators
c. Networking and working towards a cause/ topic by discussion or addressing the concerned and work towards it
d. Finally, programming to create the radio station.
To sum it up, this workshop explores how an audio medium of radio- the traditional and now, the digitized route-can be developed targeting specific audiences using as a platform.


iOS or Android Smartphone with a good Internet plan

Speaker bio

Anil Srivatsa recently moved on to pursue his passion for the radio airwaves as a radio professional… as a radiowalla. As CEO and Co-Founder of the new venture Radiowalla Network Pvt. Ltd, he is striving to take radio to a new level using the very democratic Digital distribution

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    [-] Vijay Anand 6 years ago

    This Session is going to be led by Anil Srivatsa (Proposed)

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