What's More Than Bling?!

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by Shweta Sharma on Saturday, January 11, 2014


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Technical level


To practice ‘love, hope and faith’ for times when working with people.


Meet X, who works in a swanky office and gets a daily-morning high on a cup of coffee as he opens first work-email.

Meet Y, who works as a budding entrepreneur and gets a daily-morning high as she enters her small office to see her vibrant team.

Meet Z, who just got married and gets a daily-morning high on the novelty of life.

All three seem to be making lemonade of the lemons they got!

But we don’t live with lemons, aka, daily incidents or things, do we? We live with people and to whip a lemonade with them takes a hell lot of effort than doing it all by yourself (ah, don’t cringe now!).

The 45 min workshop is to learn and practice:
- Some essentials of awesome communities and cultures; and - Your role and how you can contribute, smoothly and happily!

This workshop promises activities, examples and discussions to set a fresh breeze of thought and action in you!


Projector and audio system

Speaker bio

Shweta, as founder of Saath Learning, is a learning and development professional who has an experience of over 10 years in facilitating learning and education to adults.

She researches, designs and delivers novel concepts, for individuals and organizations, which not only add freshness to perspectives but also are a requirement to these times.

Shweta believes that learning happens all the time and to all, the ones more proactive and open-minded to learn get to evolve faster!


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