Introduce India to Children

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by Chaithali Pisupati on Saturday, January 11, 2014


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To re-introduce India to ourselves and how we can pass it on to the next generation. This is not patriotic but more to make sure that we are going away from our roots. The attempt is to do this through stories, books, and activities
Celebrate India & Indian history


The lure of the west, the desire to show our children and ourselves new worlds and a better standard of life than which we grew in has inadvertently created a gap on how the children are seeing our country.
India is no longer no intresting, Vacations within India are 'lowly' compared to the USA or Paris or the like. Some do not even know the geography of our country, the wonders here and the basic history of our country.
I am working to create an environment for children and Adults with the help of books, comics, activities that intrigue them to want to know about India.


An open mind, Mike and Projector

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An upcoming entreprenuer, who is working to create a book/activity cafe for children and young adults with an Indian theme.

A graduate from one of the finest hotel management colleges in India and went on to become a succesful business analyst. After 15 years of working in large MNCs, an interaction with some middle school children and their absolute ill placed knowledge in India made me very uncomfortable, So I quit a lucrative career and decided to work on this taking the help on my other passion - literature, writing.


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