How to Smile When Shit Hits the Roof

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by Nuthan Manohar on Saturday, January 11, 2014


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Lightning Talk

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The path to success is not a pretty inclined graph but more like a sine way on steroids. Many times we face dejections, frustrations and that tunnel of darkness may seem to stretch forever. Lets learn to smile using methods of body, mind and behvaiour to get through those rough patches you encounter while chasing your dreams.


A 90 minute session, exploring the types of shit that hits the roof while chasing your dream, ways to superglue yourself to your goals and learning to smile through it all. The session combines talk, body related techniques and a lot of smiles.

Speaker bio

From a well paying, well respected Asia Pacific role for a top global client in advertising, I decided to move to a non paying, not (yet) respected role of a yoga teacher. While the shift meant satisfaction, had to go through phases where a good meal was a luxury. Eventually I made my tiny mark in the highly competitive yoga mats of Hong Kong. With the dream to set up urban ashrams across mini metros, I came to Cochin. In a year I lost all my savings, lost family, lost my luggage etc etc etc...everything except my yoga mat, my dogs and my smile. I teach yoga, I teach life lived joyfully and passionately. What I lost I gained back and willing to tae the chance that I can lose it all over again.

if you want more detail then please read on...

I have set up Me Met Me, self discovery through yoga, food and fun. I have managed global brands like Kraft (Oreo, Chips Ahoy, Kraft Cheese etc.), Bausch and Lomb; national brands like Titan, Reliance, Mahindra, Nilgiris, Coffee Day. Till 2010 I handled Asia Pacific brand strategy and advertising operations for key global clients spanning over 11 countries such as Australia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia etc.

I did my first teacher trainer certification in 2010 and and few more over the years, taught at Pure Yoga the premium yoga chain in Asia. Developed mind body techniques to deal with various life situations - from dealing with change, to letting go, to healing a broken heart.

Groomed candidates for beauty paegents (Miss Kerala, Miss South India), Celebrity Cricket Leaque, TV producers for leading Channels in Kerala, Times of India, Manorama, etc. Have coordinated the Asia Yoga Conference, articles have appeared in national newspapers, international yoga journals etc. I believe that there is nothing you cannot achieve, and unless you are smiling its not success.

Future plans, to set up Me Met Me centers across to connect, to empower and to spread the smile. Setting up a home replete with herbs, mindful rituals for women to come stay and smile. In the process of relaunching my brand of essential oils blend - Amara.