Auto Rikshwa Drive: can we make experience pleasant?

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by Siddharth Deshmukh on Sunday, January 12, 2014


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Technical level


Let's discuss how to creat positive social impact through sharing and caring. Convert your and 100s others Auto Ride joyful.


What can we do to avoid frustration, every time we take Auto Rickshaw Drive? Can we convert our frustration to positive energy? Can we use social media to ensure every Auto Rick. Ride enjoyable? I will try to address these question with help of social app which I am currently experimenting on .... Creating positive social impact through positive action.


Presentation screen projector and if possible internet connection

Speaker bio

Because I took many auto rickshaw rides... So as everyone of us! But I decided to channelise my frustration to positive energy and experimenting with it with help of technology and trend.

CEO at Shimbi Labs, every day I make and break ideas, 24/7 tech geek... Married to Japanese... Learning to best out of both cultures.