The Snake and The Sesame: The Myths that Mould Us

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by Shivani Govind on Sunday, January 12, 2014


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Lightning Talk

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The main objective of this session will be to provide a novel lens of looking at identity and the manner in which we interact with and experience everyday Indian realities.


This discussion would hope to address the following themes in a swift yet concise manner:

  • The Importance of Defining and Understanding 'Indianness'

  • Decoding Indianness: Conditioning the eye to identify the subtle Indian nuances that have played and will continue to play a critical role in defining one's place as an Indian individual, society and nation.

  • Source elements of our compound Indianness: History, Geography, Culture, Religion, Influences and the like

  • Indianness and Myth: The Role and Relevance of Myth with regard to the Indian Mindset - A small induction to understanding how myths have engineered the Indian thinking mind in the context, for instance - Superstition and Ritual, Gender Roles, Morality, Philanthropy, Family and Societal Role, Marriage, Dating and Relationship, Sex and Sexuality, Approach to life etc.


An open and curious mind!

Speaker bio

I am currently a Research Analyst and Strategist with Future Ideas- the Ideation, Innovation, Incubation Division of Future Group. Prior to this, I was a Young India Fellow 2012-13, a flagship program run in collaboration with the upcoming Liberal Arts University, Ashoka University and it's associated universities.

I will be co-presenting with my friend and colleague - Ankit Chhabra, an aspiring social entrepreneur in the Indian Education domain. He is currently a Future India Fellow, 2013-14.