The Fusion of Grid and Green computing is the future

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by RESHMI ADAK on Sunday, January 12, 2014

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Technical level


Technology is a boon and not a bane to our mother Earth. And this happens, when the future computing meets the environmental needs.


Technology keeps on improving with time. But the concern that arises is the environmental impact. It is our necessity and duty to protect our Earth. It is a general notion that with improved technologies and with new industries coming up in the market, the environmental conditions are deteriorating. Hence, the idea here is to combine the new generation computing in alignment with the environmental concerns.
Grid Computing is the future computing. Here computing resources from multiple organizations are assembled to reach a single goal. It can solve complex problems in a shorter time.
Green computing is the efficient use of computing resources.
Hence, here we will see what happens when Grid goes Green.


An enthusiastic audience at the Unconference :)

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A Software engineer by profession.
A realist. Love to travel, meet new people and learn different languages.
Trying to think out of the box,I blog @