Art beyond art's sake - An animal welfare experiment

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by Monami Bhattacharya on Monday, January 13, 2014


Session type
Lightning Talk

Technical level


  • The pecha Kucha format
  • Animals in the urban setup - pets or community (Illustration Slides & narration)
  • Animal welfare work and organizations (Illustration Slides & narration)
  • Clarifying doubts, the audience sharing experiences, if any
  • Post q&a discussion about the welfare board, animal welfare organization, what can an individual do to begin with, if necessary


I will be using The pecha kucha format: 20 slides focussed on for 20 seconds each. This will contain slides with illustrations, simultaneous narration, and q&a after (no more than 20 question or 20mins duration, whichever is less) so, the audience will experience/learn from the format.
From the content: it will be about the compassion or lack of it and the challenges in animal welfare in the urban setup. Will be speaking about pets and community/street animals. Commercial impact. Audience will also be able to clarify on their skepticism, if any; share relevant personal experiences, if any. Welfare/rescue organizations, and more in the discussion that follows.


Notepad/Note app
An open mind

Speaker bio

A Civil Engineer from REC Warangal, I have spent a decade in the IT as a tech writer. With a lifetime of love for art and animals, I am hands on in the matter. Having experienced the reality of animals in need by nurturing injured animals, rehoming abandoned ones (in an individual capacity), the struggles that animal welfare workers go through, and also having gone through the success and pains of transitioning over spectrums, I can put the value of using art in the animal welfare scene lucidly and address relevant queries with precision.


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    [-] Gautam John 5 years ago

    I think it's a great idea to talk about this. We need more awareness.

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    [-] Shreyas J 5 years ago

    Fantastic way to create and sustain awareness on this topic

  • 2

    [-] Shivani Govind 5 years ago

    -Looking forward to this session!

    • 1

      [-] Monami Bhattacharya 5 years ago

      I hope this will have a wide appeal. Look fwd to meeting you there, Shivani :-)

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