Think before you throw! The art of repurposing waste.

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by Monami Bhattacharya on Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Session type

Technical level


To inspire to "think before buying and think before throwing"
Design talk on turning seemingly useless garbage into very usable functional art. Inspiring repurposing waste to reduce generation of waste at the source. May spiral business ideas/collaboration.


  • Where to begin recycling? (Slideshow and narration)
  • What and how to repurpose? (Slideshow and narration)
  • Benefits (Slideshow and narration)
  • Who to approach? (Slideshow and narration)
  • Speaker's samples of domestic and commercial recycling projects (Slideshow and narration)
  • Q&A
  • An impromptu mini-recycling project, if possible (Demo)


  • Notepad/Note app
  • A small sample (even photo will do) of personal recycling project
  • Queries on what they intend to recycle for a usecase-based recycling brainstorm

Speaker bio

A silhouette artist and pathological doodler, I work out of my commercial art studio in Bangalore. I love working on art installations and to illustrate short stories for children. Designing and repurposing waste is a big component of the work profile. I am always on the lookout for fresh ideas in interesting art and design projects. My love for animals wields a heavy influence on the subjects that I choose and I constantly try to do something significant for human-animal harmony through art.

In the past: A B.Tech in Civil Engineering from R.E.C. Warangal, with nearly a decade of broad and deep experience in standard documentation and training courseware development in IT.