13 Reasons Why We're Still Hunters

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by Sahil Khan on Tuesday, January 14, 2014


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Lightning Talk

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People's eating habits are changing. BuzzFeed heading structures work. How and why?


Before man settled down in one place and practiced agriculture, he survived by hunting and foraging. Over the centuries, we’ve embraced the easy way out when it comes to our food. But recently, communities across the world are going back to our roots. What has changed this process and why?


Please carry a take-away with you. People are known to feel hungry during my food sessions. A paper bag, just in case. And, some food for me too.

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Food blogger for five plus years at TheTossedSalad, ex-restaurateur (Yolkshire, an egg specialty in Pune) and co-founder of DishoomIt (crowdsourced dish discovery mobile app).