Become a Design Thinking Ninja

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by Neeraj Jain on Tuesday, January 14, 2014


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Technical level


Get a taste of tools & techniques of Design Thinking & learn how to create products & services that customers adore


Embracing Design Thinking methodology to problem solving has become crucial to develop rockstar products & services. Whether its the giants like SAP, Fidelity, P&G or startups like Embrace or Airbnb, everyone is utilizing tools & techniques of Design Thinking to develop products & expereinces that customers love.
I am proposing a 1.5-2 hour workshop covering steps in Design Thinking wherein participants working in small teams will solve one particular challenge & create something new!!
min number of participants-10


We would be needing chart papers, sketchpens, postits & some prototyping material.
DT sessions are highly interactive sessions. Rather than talking they are doing sessions, so bring in your curiosity & eagerness to create something new in a short period of time.
Lots of Imagination will be required.

Speaker bio

I am a Senior Design Thinking coach at SAP labs Bangalore. Couple of us brought Global Service Jam (world's largest Design thinking event) to India two years back. Have conducted multiple workshops in this field including in IIM Bangalore and have been practising this methodology for the past 6 years helping create innovative products, expereinces & services. Also run Design Pub, a fortnightly newsletter.