How to spot a dinosaur

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by Prashant Srivastava on Wednesday, January 15, 2014


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A lot of evidence suggests birds are direct descendents of Therapods. This essentially means there are tiny T-Rexs in your backyard.
Not to alarm anyone but this talk aims to familiarise you with birding as a hobby and how it may actually be more than just sitting in one place peering through binoculars. We'll talk about the science and art of bird watching and bird photography.


Birding is possibly the most accessible outdoor hobby.
Am an amateur ornithologist and my hobby takes me all over the country (and beyond). I'd like to talk about birds, birding, the science behind it, travel and (possibly) photography.
Social media has ensured that the hobby has got a lot of exposure in the last couple of years. I'll talk about tips and tricks of getting into the hobby and how to be effective at identifying birds.

This talk will cover necessary trivia on birds, why one should bird, 'birding' essentials and where the journey of 'birding' will take you. It will also include biological significance of birds, their habitats and migration patterns- interspersed with photographs from recent personal trips to Arunachal, LRK, Himachal, Kerala and local birding in Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Speaker bio

Prashant "Pk" Srivastava writes code 5 days a week to sustain his dual life as a weekend birder. He's been birding since 2004 when he could afford a binocular. He travels all over the country to look for birds - from tiny warblers to beautiful flycatchers to majestic eagles.
When not looking up in the sky for birds of prey, he can be heard complaining about the early onset of spondilitis that the hobby is causing him.