Reinvent, instead of reading about concepts-through multimedia stories, animations and games: Be part of an educational revolution

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by srinidhi prahlad on Wednesday, January 15, 2014


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Experience concepts by reinventing them, rather than just learning them. Experience the same joy the scientist got by inventing them. Go through his exciting journey through thriller stories, animations and games. Immerse yourself in a world-class interface and educational social network designed by professional designers and brilliant geeks of an international team. Use reinvention-based educational tools, which includes drawing on screen with a wave of your hand in the air. Be part of the much needed educational revolution.


Great innovations aren't results of a wealth of knowledge, they are results of the human imagination. A great lecture can only give knowledge, but creating a conducive environment to think in the right direction can make one innovate.

As an example, if Newton's laws are to be taught, instead of merely saying "These are the laws", we make you go through multimedia stories, animations and games thus simulating the situation that Newton was in, so that you can come up with Newton's laws on your own. We are thus creating the necessity that is the mother of invention.

We do not teach. We do the opposite. We let you come out with ideas rather than fill you with them. We've built some great courses with world class animations and plot lines, as well as our own seamless educational social network. Recently, an intern has hacked for us an educational video maker using which you can draw on screen by moving your hand in thin air. It has twenty more features as well.

We are sure you love stories, games and animation. Why not use them to educate yourself, and that too by reinventing rather than learning?

Experience reinvention through stories. Experience our latest technological advancements hands-on. Share with us your thoughts in further advancing the educational revolution.


Passion to innovate and being passionate about the cause of good education. An open mind is a welcomed bonus.

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Speaker bio

Started up a public library with home delivery at the age of 12. Running Reinventio- a reinvention based startup as its CEO and founder. Pursuing undergrad in CS engineering from National Institute of Engineering, Mysore.

In addition, a frequently invited speaker at various national events, mentor to more than twenty startups and an awarded published author.

Also, Vice Chair(Industry Relations) -IEEE India SAC, Chair- NIE IEEE Student Branch, Chair- IEEE Student Leadership Congress, Editor-in-Chief- Mysore Engineer, Secretary- Onyx Entrepreneurship Development Cell and IBM Campus Ambassador.