Quit Smoking - Identify Your Triggers

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by Sumit Jagdale on Wednesday, January 15, 2014


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Zeroing in on the triggers that make you light up a smoke helps a lot when you are trying to or want to quit. I won't be preaching ill effects of smoking. This is purely to help you identify what makes you reach for the packet and a lighter.


The physical dependency of your body on nicotine naturally has deeper roots and surprisingly simple substitutes. If you can identify your triggers and choose to work around them as opposed to your usual tendency to light up, you will find your need for a cigarette steadily declines.

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A social smoker for 3 years and a packet (of 10) a day smoker for 4 years. I have been clean for 2 yrs and 10 months as I write this without a single relapse or regret. I have taken quite possibly one of the unhealthiest lifestyles and turned it around to a point where I find myself with better fitness levels that some people even 10 yrs my junior. (I'm 30)

I have been featured/mentioned by Pune Mirror in 2011 for No Tobacco Day. I've added the link in the relevant section.
There was a slightly more detailed article around the same time in Sakal Times (English version) but I am unable to locate it online. It was published on June 1 2011. If you really find yourself with the time for extra research... :)