How Technology Enables Independent Artists

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by satyarth singh on Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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Basic objective of the talk would be to share the experience and the ups and downs since I started out my venture, and how technology and internet have helped us grow and become better at what we do.
How money isnt the priority but doing what is required to be delivered and doing it good is important.
How following your passion and the love of doing things is much easier today than it ever was and why one should be doing now than ever again.

And we are in a society and a world where doing what you like does give you a chance to make money too by just following your passion and making good content.


I run a small film studio, in new delhi by the name of Lights On films, where we try to focus on independent artists, from various fields and try to bring them and their stories to the audience in terms of what they do. My talk would be a progressive talk starting from the influence and benefit that each one of us have gotten through technology , how with the help of technology and using the Internet as a platform we can take our work global and how the internet and the technology both tell us that NOW is the time to do what we want to do.

Making films isn't easy, or lets say making films wasn't easy, but now with the technology in our hands things look much more easier and getable than it was say around 10 years back from now.
Taking an example of film making itself, as I understand that the best…If I wanted to make a movie 10-15 years back at the age of 22 with minimal budget and zero contacts in the industry, maybe I would had been told to just step away and try my hands on something else. Or maybe if i would had been successful in making a movie, even a short film I would have had absolutely no clue in terms of what to do with it. But again going back to step one, making a movie in a "small budget" would had been next to impossible, with the kind of equipment we needed that long back. And for an independent film maker like me and many others that we know off, pulling that off wouldn't had been an easy task.

But now coming to 2014, we are blessed with this beautiful thing called "technology" . All of a sudden movies can be made with small DSLR cameras, everything is getting recorded on memory cards and not reels, If we talk about clicking a picture, then we have the option of seeing how the picture looks instantly and we can try and click a better one. So we have the tools and the reach to achieve good, brilliant and best which completely rests upon the talent of the person also (obviously) but the whole process has become much more simpler and doable. All you need is an Idea, a camera, a system to edit the film on and a vision to take it ahead.

Personally I feel this very technology gives us the liberty to do what we want to. We do need a budget for it yes, but it can all be done sometimes even without a budget. And that is why I personally feel that all of a sudden this whole thing of "indie" artists is being pushed forward and is visible on a much larger scale than it was anytime before.

Coming to Internet, that provides one of the best platforms to any independent artist be it a musician, a film maker, singer, painter anyone to showcase their work online. So now you don't have to worry about an audience, if you are making something good and interesting you will find an audience for it no matter what. As for the internet we can take the example of youtube, vimeo or sound cloud, all you need to do is create a good piece of art and get it out there and see how the audience react to it. Worst come to worst the final product won't be liked by all of them but you get a feedback and people know that there is this ABCD person who does this and specializes in this, so the next time on they would be waiting for your work and once its out they would know that its by you.

As an independent film maker, one does not need to worry and actually people are not worried about the response of the audience anymore , its just that the availability of these things thats creating complete and utter madness of just getting content out, mind you this does not mean that everything thats being put on youtube is brilliant or good work, there is some really mediocre stuff happening there too. but for the ones who are passionate about such things, know the art of doing this and are doing it for the love of cinema or music for them both the internet and the technology comes along as a beautiful package to do what they want to do. Even to reach out to your biggest stars and people whose work motivates you over the internet is so easy.

So in short thats what I feel, that now is the time to do what you want to do. If you want to make films and have some good ideas, then pick up your camera and go shoot…you can even post for artists or actors or sounds guys online nowadays and you get some really great people to work with. The amount of effort might be the same as it goes in doing anything else, but the complexities are less and much lesser things to worry about. All you need is an idea and the will to make it happen. There is nothing to fear.

There were times when we were worries about a platform to showcase our work and now we have thousands of them to support it once we have our content ready. And it goes not only for films but every single creative field that we can think about.

The journey of my company started on Facebook and now on 16th january we complete 2 years. We haven't maybe made millions or billions in two years, because from the start that wasn't the intention or the agenda, it was about doing good work getting noticed by people and sharing our thoughts and ideas with like minded people and get better with time. We have gotten bigger and better in the last two years but again, there is a long road ahead but we aren't out of ideas or any sort of motivation. We are making money and getting recognized, but end of the day we are doing what we love, making movies on things we like and getting appreciated by the audience that exists purely for the love of good and interesting cinema.

There was no better time to follow your passion and dreams and maybe there won't be.

I might want to add more if i get through!

Speaker bio

24 years old running a small independent film studio based out from delhi. Trying to focus on the independent art scene in the country through our films and short clips, be it music, design, films, photography, skating, surfing, snowboarding, kite surfing, Mountain biking, BMX etc.
Studied communication design from Symbiosis Institute of design, post that worked under two production houses in Delhi and in 2012 jan started my own venture Lights On Films.
Personally I would like to change the people look at cinema in this country and be a part of this rapidly growing independent cinema culture and hopefully take it places.

I cant write more about myself.