Morality is fraud! by Vanshaj Kapur

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by anshulika dubey (proposing) on Wednesday, January 15, 2014


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To stir an open discussion about how people supress their natural instincts and desires especially when it comes to sex, love and relationships due to society's moral ethics and definitions, and end up leading a life on other people's terms.


I want to nominate Vanshaj Kapur to hold this session at the Goa Project.

The 22-year old film and design student Vanshaj Kapur explores the complexities of morality and human relationships through his film "He who chased the train". The film is about infatuation, friendships, ego, lust and morality.

I believe this will make for a great topic for discussion on an intellectual platform like The Goa Project and Vanshaj can share his experience of unfolding these topics that led him to make the film.

Speaker bio

Vanshaj Kapur is a recently graduated Film ad Design student from Symbiosis School of Design. When most students were busy making small budget films, Vanshaj had a bigger idea. He started his own film company out of college - Vanshaj Kapur Films - and ended up making many short films, fashion videos and music videos, some of which also received international accolade. Right out of college, he went on to lead Design and Marketing at, an online crowdfuding website, as it Chief Creative Officer.

He has also assisted in the popular Milan Luthria directed film "The Dirty Picture" and now has full time joined the director to follow his dream of becoming a filmmaker!


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    [-] Akshay Deodhar 6 years ago

    I'd be totally up for a discussion like this. Everything is a damn fraud. No one wants to really live because they're afraid of what society around them will say. And the only truth and reality is, that society around them, are actually up for the same apparent taboos that they so viscerally look down on and apparently oppose. They themselves only look down upon these things because they are afraid of what further society around them will say. Its a dirty mass chain effect, and it won't be broken unless its spoken out against, and even then its going to be a process that's definitely slower then the evolution of any species.

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      [-] Vanshaj Kapur 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago)

      thanks akshay :)
      Please do share the link, it's nice to know people want this discussed.

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    [-] Mauktik Kulkarni 6 years ago

    This sounds interesting. As a neuroscientist, I am trying to shed light on issues of morality with several thought experiments and interesting demos. Perhaps there is a way of combining these two talks. Here is the link to my proposed talk:

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      [-] Vanshaj Kapur 6 years ago

      Hi Mauktik!
      Yes, it would be great. Cause I see human reactions with a very emotional and psychological point of view. Adding science ot it would be a great learning for me as well.
      Let's see what he hosts have to say about this. If not together, we should definitely try and get us to speak one after the other.

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        [-] Mauktik Kulkarni 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago)

        And, believe it or not, I have also recently finished shooting a documentary about the contradictions of India (Riding on a Sunbeam...currently under production) that explores the incredibly long arc of morality that exists in India. It would be great to combine the talks. My talk will be looking at it from a much more scientific perspective. Let's wait for the hosts to decide.

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    [-] Vanshaj Kapur 6 years ago

    Thanks Anshulika!!

    I would love to talk on this topic. So aprt for me and the film i recently made.

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    [-] Sankhalina Nath 6 years ago

    I would definitely like to attend this one. It's about time someone brings unspoken social taboos up front into the debate table.

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    [-] Rohit Valecha 6 years ago

    We all have been lying to ourselves. Its time we look into the mirror and introspect.
    Looking forward to hear Vanshaj Kapur speak on this.

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    [-] Niketa Malhotra 6 years ago

    This topic couldn't have come up for discussion at a much more opportune time! In my opinion, the young Indians (between 20 - 35) today are much more aware of their surroundings, the choices available to them and the consequences of their decisions than their parents' generation. This awareness and exposure to the world helps the youth to pick and choose traditions which make sense and get rid of those that seem illogical and orthodox.
    I'd love to see Vanshaj, who well represents this group, talk about this topic at the Goa Project!

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    [-] ramya ranganath 6 years ago

    go ahead and speak about it then :) go viral

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    [-] Mauktik Kulkarni 6 years ago

    To make it a real debate, it might be worth adding one more person who wants to defend morality (in any shape or form).

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    [-] Sumit Jagdale 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago)

    Hi Vanshaj,

    Below is the session I proposed.

    As you can see from the comments, Vijay seems keen on us merging sessions. I would love to hear your views on that. My talk is centered around polyamorous relations and while I disregard morality as a concept, it will be something that will be brought up.

    If our hosts can allot us ample time each, perhaps we could figure out if a combined session works out for us both. We can definitely build on each other's topics. If you are game, let's hash out the details with Vijay...what say?

    (also despite my attempts at posting it as an independent comment, it seems to appear as a response to the one above.)

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      [-] Vanshaj Kapur 6 years ago

      Sorry, I'm replying so late, i hope i'm not extremely delayed.
      Was in bangalore for a screening recently.
      So yes, I would love to talk together and if it goes through, i'll work on the plan to send to TGP.
      I could also, discuss points i want to discuss, and my technique with you if this goes forward.
      I doubt i will take a lot of time.
      Had no idea the talk was being considered. :)

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    [-] shourya bajpai 6 years ago

    Anshulika Dubey, Choice of nomination is very interesting.
    Vanshaj Kapur, I am very intrigued to know your thoughts. It is a topic worth a big discussion.

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