evolution is a group thing

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by sudeep swaroop on Thursday, January 16, 2014

Arts, Media & Entertainment

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Lightning Talk

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to present that arts and entertainment is a powerful way of keeping self and social evolution alive.


what are we evolving towards anyway? pollution free, equanimous societies, better infrastructure to exist peacefully?
potenital of the individual/ power of one?
if we dont include others in our evolution, will anything happen?

evolution is a group thing. Artists and entertainers who're contributing to evolution in societies by spreading relevant messages in truth and possibilities should move forward and not wait for a revolution but create one each living day.

a young politician, a micro financier, a writer, a farmer, a musican, a painter who has strong messages to be shared across societies must go ahead and do that. there will always be roadblocks to clear which is what the triumph human spirit is always about- clearing them through collaborations.

Speaker bio

Having performed over 80 live shows as a musican, worked on independent cinema as a music directror/composer/singer while handling a corporate career with fortune 500 enterprises in real estate, 'Maitreya' (real name: sudeep swaroop) has dedicated his life to music, the arts, media looking keenly to establish the message of self evolution alongside social evolution. sudeep also writes for the new indian express, has a band and has a few movies releasing in 2014 on which he's composed, sung and directed music for. Sudeep has also been an entrepreur running an accommodation and media production/ communications business.

sudeep has a vidion to create a sustainable development project in the future that runs on renewable and non-conventional sources of energy, has a farm attached for the inmates to survive on and a space for people to create products, services and possibilites for a carbon free, noise free world.