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by sudeep swaroop on Thursday, January 16, 2014


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To perform on original music by 'Maitreya' a musican from chennai, presenting indian dance rock, ethereal, sounds.


Working on breakthrough music thats relevant to our times, Maitreya is a film composer, singer who is creating something that could be defined as 'indian' in terms of contemporary sound.
mixed with vocals that people have enjoyed through the 80 odd perfromances over the last 12 years in live entertainment, the sound is defined as ethereal, full and spirited.

the love for rock, quality pop and indian instruments like the sitar, sarod, saarangi, veena, santoor, flute and indian vocals is the cause of birth for a new sound that is india and indian music. The most important thing is to be able to use these instruments in the right feel, creatign the right mood as opposed to creating kichdi music with throwing everything in and calling it music and art.

the treausre in hindustani, carnatic and sufi music will be explored to create a very relatable and enjoyable sound while containing the western rock ensemble setup for live performances. technology is also being used to create the trip through the songs being made for 'revolution'.

presenting music from the album titled "revolution" for the first time!


western ensemble sound setup

Speaker bio

Known now as "maitreya" in the music world, For Most part of his 18 years as a music composer/multi instrumentalist-guitar,keys and Vocalist, sudeep has done about 80 live performances across the country, mostly in south india. from beginnings in american rock and roll, sudeep has fallen in love with all things indian in terms of music and sound.

sudeep swaroop also writes for the New Indian Express on arts and culture related topics.

sudeep has been anb entrepreneur and real estate professional haviung worked with the largest infrastructure and property makers and global fortune 500 MNCs.