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by monika manchanda on Thursday, January 16, 2014


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Technical level


On how we can explore the culture and history of a place via exploring local cuisine


Where we explore how to explore local cuisine while traveling , how to understand history and culture of the place of the place via food. Like how and where pasta came to Italy, why is rice eaten more in the south and wheat in the north

Fun and droolworthy session

Share my own examples and discuss more stories


An open mind, love for travel and food. Yearning for history will be an added advantage

Speaker bio

An ex-IT person and a corporate person, now a food entrepreneur, I run Sin-A-Mon which does food consulting and home baking. I love eating and love cooking even more. I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and trying out new recipes, and sometimes adding something new to the age-old recipe to give it a twist. Cooking and baking is an art and hobby that resulted in my blog Sin-A-Mon Tale and later let to a food enterprise called Sin-A-Mon 1.5 years ago after quitting my 11 year corporate stint in software development and management. Through my home-based boutique baking setup my goal is to bring home baking to everyone. At Sin-A-Mon we also take on food consulting projects like dessert, menu designing and some amount of food writing. We also offer training to restaurants, cafes and individual enthusiasts. Sin-A-Mon also brings workshops to kids to encourage their creativity and pass on an important life skill to them.

Apart from the food part, I also like to do my bit for the society with an online Child Sexual Awareness campaign I run every April

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