The Science of Why Businesses should hire Youngsters | The Art of Leading them.

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by Rakshit Mahadevaprasad on Thursday, January 16, 2014


Session type
Lightning Talk

Technical level


Studies and Statistics all around India show how the youth (22-25) are excelling in most sectors known or unknown to mankind. In this talk- delegates with an innovative, open mindset in their businesses are challenged to think beyond the conventional "Recruitment" model.

This session also is aimed at breaking myths regarding Education, Recruitment, Employablity of young indians all over in all sectors. One can clearly understand the 21st Century productivity and how young minds affect overall return on salaries that are being provided.

The latter half is about the Art of Leading these young minds through the defined and undefined jobroles, to nurture young minds in their enterprises- which in turn will lead to bigger and pleasently unexpected results!


Session Aims:

  • Past-Present-Future of Youth Employability ( Stats, Examples, Onground surveys)
  • What youngsters are getting out of their jobs, what they aren't, and what they want!
  • Leadership - The critical compenent to get the most of your young employee.

Session Objectives.
By the end of the session, the delegate must be able to-

  • Understand Stats, Surveys and Realities of Employee Experiences in India
  • Know Pros, Cons and Realities of hiring youngsters in businesses.
  • How to effectively choose the right people, give maximum value and get maximum productivity from them.
  • Leadership to the Young Soul. How can you make it work, to help it work for you?


An open mind to listen, and co create.

Speaker bio

Rakshit is a Young and Energtic Indian who turned 23 last month.
He has graduated with a degree from Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore, India.

Over the past 4 years, he has been a part of the world's largest Not For Profit Youth run organization- AIESEC.
He has various roles such as Vice President Corporate Sector, COO (Incoming Exchange) and he is coming out of an intense role as President & CEO of AIESEC in Bangalore, the local office of AIESEC India -Delivering close to 300 experiences in Bangalore and directly leading 200 Young Bangaloreans to achieve this.

Rakshit is a great fan of reading, writing and practising leadership. He is a very focused individual who gives his 100% to everything he does. Intensity and Simplicity are his prime principles and he tries to live by it no matter what. He is a great fan of travelling, meeting new people and leading an intense lifestyle.
He believes that there is no singular career choice, and practices Zen lifestyle to achieve what he sets out to do.