Grab your nearest potato. Because we're making movies.

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by Pramod on Friday, January 17, 2014

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Technical level


I'm part of a group that wants to encourage the next wave of visual storytellers. That's you. And I'll run you through a short session on what goes into a movie. Much brief. So impressive. Very wow.

Seriously, though - You can expect to go through a(n irreverential) crash course on what it means to be a visual storyteller, and why you don't need a fancy DSLR to create a masterpiece. You will make one short movie over the course of thegoaproject.


You won't be making the next American Hustle or the visual successor to Life of Pi, but you just might be able to lean back on your armchair, watch Lucia, and let out a wistful, "Been there, done that."

The framework will be designed by an experienced, award-winning (if you care about all that) filmmaker from our organisation,, and you will make a short film over the course of thegoaproject.

The discourse will be as relatable as achievable, and anyone with the barest of videoshooting tech is invited to join.


Anything that can record a video. A phone VGA camera. A Canon 5D Mark II. An iPhone with HDR. A potato.

A laptop with decent tech will help you with video editing.

You could bring a notepad to the session if that's your thing. Polaroids and Hipster glasses will be grudgingly accepted.

Speaker bio

Pramod is an engineer, ex-banker, Young India Fellow, photographer, writer, and startup slave, in no particular order.

Pramod is a part of the founding team of, which works to recognise, celebrate and support the work of mediamakers around the world. is a young nonprofit media startup that is partnering with organisations around the world to support the case for visual storytelling and purposeful mediamaking.