Creating redeployable movements - Combining DIY and societal projects

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by Pramod on Friday, January 17, 2014


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BoF Meet

Technical level


You will be a part of a movement that tries to reimagine DIY. Moving beyond the scope of doing simple things for yourself, you will create (and adopt) projects that are socially helpful, easy to orchestrate, and most importantly, redeployable.

You typically believe in the potential of crowds, and see collaborative swarms as the future centers of distributed power.

Over the course of this session, we will coalesce into a living, breathing blob that will try to take over the world.


We believe in the power of crowdsourcing (much as the organisers here seem to), and gladly accept and fawn over the success stories. Sure, we've built global repositories of crowdsourced knowledge and we contribute $5 every time Jimmy Wales' picture pops up - but, are we doing all that we are capable of?

Through this session, we'll look at a few examples of crowdsourced success - stretching from encyclopedias, to arts collectives, to food banks, to political parties - and see what we can learn from them. By distilling this into a reproducible skeleton, we will sow the seeds for a collaborative platform that shares information on how to make things happen.

We're in far too connected a society to waste time doing it all by ourselves. We can easily do it faster with others - and then, tell people how we did it.


Open minds, ideas, and some level of sobriety.

Speaker bio

Pramod is an engineer, ex-banker, Young India Fellow, photographer, writer, and startup slave, in no particular order.

Pramod believes in using the power of collaboration to make things happen. He hopes to find similar people at the project and sees 2014 as the stepping stone to taking over the world.


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