Relationships - Embracing Polyamory and Choosing a Constraint Free Lifestyle

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by Sumit Jagdale on Friday, January 17, 2014


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To openly explore the concept of having multiple partners without being bound by moral, religious and social codes. To understand and to accept that a man's or a woman's belief in a polyamorous lifestyle does not relegate them to a derogatory status.


Commitment and exclusivity are archaic concepts that have been forced upon most despite their lack of faith or complete disinterest. The thought process of society as a whole needs to evolve.

How much of your belief in monogamy was cultivated either through a closed minded upbringing or through countless movies/songs/books that have decorated the person fighting for their 'one true love' as the object of desire and the person choosing to maintain multiple relations as someone perverse and 'doomed to fail'?

How much of your belief in monogamy is a result of succumbing to basic human emotions like jealousy or pride?

In today's world, it is no longer necessary for people to hang on
desperately to dead marriages and other committed relations as the be
all and end all solution.

Often, the first reaction of people is to laugh off this topic because
it lies outside their psychological comfort zone, and most of them
have never had the opportunity to experience the lifestyle. But, its
possible, feasible, and being practiced by many people of my


An extremely open mind and zero religious zealotry.

A life experience you can share.

Speaker bio

A die hard believer in the fact that monogamy and marriages are remnants of a bygone era. I choose to live my life free from all mundane societal expectations and yet I am part of society as much as you are. Free from the usual responsibilities of marriage and progeny, I find myself being able to live a fuller life, explore and learn from multiple people, apply myself more to my craft amongst other advantages.

Art imitates life. The more experiences I gain, the better I create.

(I am a Fashion and Conceptual Photographer)


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    [-] Vijay Anand 5 years ago


    Might be worth merging, this and the session below into one?

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      [-] Sumit Jagdale 5 years ago

      Hi Vijay,

      Sounds interesting. How do we manage the merge? Split the time/make it a double feature? Will it be a whole new session...etc etc... bunch of questions...move it to email?

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        [-] Vijay Anand 5 years ago

        Drop a note to the fellow on the other thread and suggest a merge :)

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          [-] Vanshaj Kapur 5 years ago

          Awesome idea!
          How do we work this out? Since, i will be talking with respect to my film.
          If we can have my film screened the night before, I shouldnt take much time on stage.

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            [-] Vanshaj Kapur 5 years ago

            Also, I dont get notifications of comments on my post, since it's a proposed talk.
            Sorry for the delay in my response.

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              [-] Vijay Anand 5 years ago

              Unfortunately a bit late in the process for this year Vanshaj. We have already finalized all our sessions. Perhaps next year.

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