What if we could help you Time Travel into the future?

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by Vikas Singh on Saturday, January 18, 2014

Geekery (Science, Tech and Life Hacks)

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Technical level


To talk and demonstrate something we built that could make our Time Travel experience into the future a reality! A teaser video to trigger your imagination : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYbPLS9S4Kc


What is real? What makes you believe that the person sitting in front of you across the table and talking to you is actually there? When the day comes when technology and 3D projections and holograms are too good for a human eye to differentiate from the real world, what would be the definition of “Real”?

Timeport, our answer to our Time Travel quest, is the beginning of what seems to be an adventurous journey ahead. Its is not just a product, a technology but a belief system to make time travel experience into the future a reality and let us connect with our loved ones and even ourselves at places and moments yet to happen.

It all started with one small idea. What if there was a Time Machine in today’s world. What would it do, how would it work, how would it make us feel and even going deep into what would be its limitations and real world implications. We took all that science, math, geography, human psychology and experience, put it together piece by piece, layer over layer till everything made sense and started becoming real.

When we talk about Time Travel into the future, we are not only traveling time but we end up landing somewhere at a specific place. You set the destination time to May 6th, 2022 and you find your self in your grand daughter’s room. Its just that Alice is not 10 anymore. Its her 18th birthday today! But this portal cannot remain open forever, its taking too much of energy and will collapse in 10 mins.

Your daughter gets a msg on her phone. Someone from the past is trying to connect with you. Hurry, reach your house before the portal collapses. She gets excited and curious at the same time because she doesn’t know who is trying to reach her. It could be someone important. What if its her grandmother? She misses her so much. Has sweet memories of her granny from her childhood when she was around. Alice rushes back, opens the door of her room, carefully looks through her google glass that can detect active portals…turns around slowly…and there, things near that small window starts swirling…and shwwwwooosh. The portal unlocks and your future grand daughter gets to see her grandmother talk to her 8 years from the past!

That’s what Timeport has made possible . A dream, a quest, a belief to make Time Travel into the future a reality! A world where portals open in real world from different time and place and the people you knew once get to talk to you today. So are you ready to leap into the Future?


A little bit of curiosity, creativity and child like enthusiasm from the audience!

Speaker bio

A simple and beautiful representation of Vikas' professional journey till now could be viewed here : http://www.vikassingh.me

His interest lies where machines/technology meet human emotions and behavioral psychology. Once a senior research scientist at McAfee, now heading a startup that couldnt have been called anything else but Psi Phi Labs, Vikas envision to bring the new era of futuristic, technology-human interaction products. It's latest product Timeport (www.timep0rt.com) aspires to make time travel into the future a reality. Video [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYbPLS9S4Kc ]

Vikas has 9+ years of technology and leadership experience, has patent in his name and has done some amazing work in the field of Cyber Security, Malware and Reverse Engineering before starting his entrepreneurial journey.

Vikas balances his geek image with a creative side. He has a huge respect for design and creative people, and loves to experiment with his imagination in this digital world.

Vikas also has an inclination towards social entrepreneurship and currently runs an initiative called "Take It For Free" with over 2000+ members. http://on.fb.me/1icW2i9