Kaushik Narayan Ramanathan speaks on Bringing Sustainable Design to the Fore

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by Vidhya Mohankumar (proposing) on Sunday, January 19, 2014


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BoF Meet

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Attend this session to get a snapshot of two decades of the speaker's experience and get an insight into how we ought to bring sustainability into mainstream practice to make this world a better place.


Kaushik will give a short presentation on his work over the last two decades - he has designed pretty much everything from automobiles to watches- and walk us through his transition as a designer who over the last 10 years has embraced a more human and eco-friendly approach to design.
Following the short presentation, he will host a BoF meet where we will try to address among many things, a few points like-
- How does a sustainable approach impact learning and social shange? - Infusing sustainability into everyday design thinking - Marketing sustainable design

Speaker bio

Kaushik Narayan Ramanathan feels that design should be thoughtful and functional and its experience for others has to be innocent; the aesthetic aspect of design should be a means rather than an end in itself.

A graduate of the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, batch of 1985, with a specialization in Industrial Design, he worked in mainstream industry, before deciding to shift to Goa.

As he puts it "It was a conscious decision to live/work out of a non-urban setting but shift the equation radically. I realised I was garnering a false sense of invulnerability, when in fact nature all around me was reminding me that all things are connected. Humanity seeks self sufficiency while nature demands relationships. And this is the manner in which I choose to work. I continue to practise design (if I have to give a definition to what I do) but with a quest to harness and maintain what are the basic needs of a human; how to retain innocence with a thoughtful eye to the bigger picture."

With over two decades of experience, Kaushik specializes in sustainable and eco-friendly design.