Workshop on sparking & curating design & tech communities — Experiences from the trenches

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by Prashant K V on Sunday, January 19, 2014


Session type

Technical level


Explore and brainstorm on creating and curating creative, design and technology communities in your city. Understand what makes people to come together, why do we need communities and how does anyone enable an engaging experience for all the parties to a win-win takeaway.


Ideation techniques aim to help you:
1. Define your vision
2. Profile your stakeholders
3. Have a community engagement model
4. Define & measure Success

The workshop takes you from a participant who is confused on expectations to a stakeholder who is active in the community and it does it in the following way:

Session 1: Challenge

  • Enable yourselves to draft goals for the community
  • Question on the needs for a community
  • Understand related existing communities in your city
  • Position yourself by understanding what role you play as a participant

Session 2: Curiosity and culture

  • What motivates you
  • What are ingredients for a successful community

Session 3: Connect and Commit

  • How do you get started
  • Tools that enable curating and creating
  • Sustaining what you sparked
  • Bringing in aspects of making the community a community
  • Managing and engaging for all involved
  • Summary, collaboration and action


  1. You - you are someone who is passionate in your field and love to meet other brilliant minds
  2. Your best practices and lesson from having been part of communities in your neighbourhood
  3. Projector - PostIts - Markers/Sketch pens - Chart papers
  4. Not more than 2 volunteers to assist the participants (The volunteers will be given a primer on this workshop that will enable them to assist the participants better)

Speaker bio

I am Prashant. I love electronics, maps and open source.

In March 2013, I started Devthon, an innovation platform that helps individuals take their ideas to action. During this time, I also helped spark off creative and tech communities in Hyderabad, a city known for its notorious lack of creative and tech communities. This platform has also enabled like-minded individuals to spark communities.

Prior to Devthon, as a part of IEEE, I helped kickstart 2 educational initiatives in India. It involved enabling local communities to take up these initiatives as thinkers, leaders and volunteers.

Through the process of design thinking for curating communities and understanding the needs of individuals, I have been able to sustain Devthon for close to year now. I am in the constant pursuit of building an innovation ecosystem.